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My experience as a US designer and entrepreneur has enabled me to offer a unique service as an independent China consultant, specializing in guiding US designers and entrepreneurs through the China sourcing and manufacturing processes. My goal is to match designers and entrepreneurs with appropriate China factories that best fit their brand, manufacturing and business needs and desires.

Specialty: Working with US designers and entrepreneurs on finding and targeting reputable China factories that are the appropriate brand, manufacturing and business fit.

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Chronicling the places and spaces I’ve been.

Living and working in Vegas

On this webisode, Kate, who’s a high school math teacher is excited about going back to work after being off since June 9. And on my drive to work, I launch into a story about living and working in Las Vegas, the best kept secret west of the Mississippi.

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A newcomer to Encore Las Vegas

On this webisode, I buy a new Bric’s hardshell medium-sized suitcase at ROSS for my upcoming business trip to China.

Yes, in the 7+ years Kate has lived in Las Vegas, she has never visited Encore Las Vegas.

Exploring Encore and Wynn.

Plus men’s style tips from Salvatore Ferragamo’s window display at Wynn Las Vegas.

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Meet Kate and Frodo

On this webisode, Frodo plays fetch with his favorite toy Penguin. Kate and I exercise at EOS Fitness, we work core and chest, the ab roller wheel is getting easier, and I’m at my optimal body weight of 220 lbs.

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The Reading List… More Chinese Slanguage

I bought this language book today at Barnes and Noble in Henderson.

It’s called More Chinese Slanguage, a fun visual guide to Mandarin by Mike Ellis, and it’s organized into common words and phrases that let’s you communicate in Mandarin with confidence.

If you are one of those brave souls embarking on learning basic conversational Mandarin on your path to fluency, add snagging this book to your to-do list.


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Two brothers who turned seven lines of code into a $9.2 billion startup team with Amazon

In June Amazon acquired upscale grocery chain Whole Foods for $13.4 billion. On Monday, Amazon (worth more than $430 billion) announced their partnership with Stripe Co, a San Francisco-based startup that allows people and businesses to accept payments over the Internet, making money by charging a small fee on each transaction.

As part of the deal, Stripe will begin handling a large portion of Amazon’s transactions, reports Bloomberg Businessweek. All Amazon had to do was add seven lines of Stripe’s proprietary code to its site to handle payments.

Stripe was founded in 2010 by the Collison brothers (Patrick and John). Seven years in, the company is valued at $9.2 billion, largely because of the Amazon partnership.

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Keep life simple

Simplicity, that’s my thing – to think over stuff, to process how I approach my life and work, both the triumphs and the mistakes, to take the path of least resistance, to not invest myself in situations outside of self-betterment. The best piece of personal and professional advice I’ve ever gotten and I use daily is rather quite simple… ‘Keep Life Simple.’

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