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MAGIC Fashion Tradeshow, Feb 2019, Las Vegas

Here are the top things I learned at the MAGIC Fashion tradeshow in Las Vegas, which ended yesterday. In a recent post, I shared a short video of premium indigo blue men’s leather dress shoes. High quality, bold color leather goods and accessories (especially blue) are getting increasingly popular. Much of the conversation seems to be concentrated in three key areas: Private label manufacturing; Amazon Marketplace, eBay, Shopify and other e-commerce consulting service providers; and, digital branding. The days of organic discovery are practically over. Targeted advertising and building a brand is crucial - on social media, Google, print, referrals, word of mouth, anything that drives your brand directly to your target customer. For brand owners who are worried about fast fashion saturating the marketplace, subject matter experts recommend tailoring your product portfolio to a niche audience and don’t expand your portfolio just because someone asks you to - know your limitations and scale slowly and strategically. When I inquired about wholesaling and direct-to-consumer strategies during a panel discussion, the answer I got was that there isn’t a right or wrong approach and to do what’s best for your brand, long term. Both have pros and cons. Manufacturers from around the world are willing to work with buyers on quantity but MOQ is still relatively high in my opinion. To get a lower MOQ, expect to pay slightly more. MAGIC is held twice a year, February and August, in Vegas.

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